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The VI Bar Herald
      The Source for VI Legal Info       OnePaper Community Edition       March 22nd, 2018      
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Pro Hac Vice Admission

     Rule 301. Pro Hac Vice admission
     (a) An attorney not regularly or specially admitted to practice law in the Virgin Islands, and
     (1) who is currently in good standing as an active member of the bar of any state or territory of the United States or of any foreign country;
     (2) who has not suffered any disbarment or suspension of his or her license to practice in any jurisdiction;
     (3) who has been retained or requested to represent any party in any legal matter in the Virgin Islands; and
     (4) who has paid all appropriate membership dues and licensing fees may, in the discretion of the judge before whom a particular litigation has been assigned or is pending and on motion of a regularly admitted attorney of record in such litigation, be admitted pro hac vice to participate in that legal matter only. An attorney admitted pro hac vice shall be bound by the grievance procedures established for the Virgin Islands Bar and shall be subject to the disciplinary and contempt jurisdiction of this court in the course of his practice during his pro hac vice admission whether such disciplinary action is taken before or after termination or revocation of his admission pro hac vice.
     No attorney or law firm may appear pro hac vice in more than a total of three causes. The regularly admitted attorney of record shall be accountable to the territorial court for the timely prosecution of such causes and compliance with all applicable rules. Extended practice on a pro hac vice basis is hereby expressly prohibited and any attorney desirous of undertaking more than three (3) total appearances shall seek regular admission to the Bar in order to share the burdens of local practice.
     (b) The motion for pro hac vice admission shall be accompanied by the Pro Hac Vice Questionnaire, supplied by the Clerk of the Court, which shall be completed by the applicant and served on counsel for all parties in the case with appropriate certificate(s) of service attached.
     (c) All pleadings filed by an attorney admitted pro hac vice shall be signed by local counsel and failure to do so shall result in the pleading being rejected.

VI Bar Committee of Bar Examiners Announces February Exam Results
   United States Magistrate Judge Geoffrey W. Barnard, Chair of the Territorial Court of the Virgin Islands' Committee of Bar Examiners has announced the results of the February 2002 Bar Examination.
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Attorneys Admitted to the Virgin Islands Bar - 2004
   The Virgin Islands Bar welcomed 17 new attorneys in 2004.
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Virgin Islands Bar Admission - General
   General information regarding regular, special and pro hac vice admission to the Virgin Islands Bar. All applicants for admission should familiarize themselves with Terr. Ct. R. 303, regarding professional responsibility and discipline, prior to their admission to the Virgin Islands Bar. (Note Terr. Ct. R. 303 is available in the Attorney Discipline Section of the VI Bar Herald.)
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Regular Admission
   Rule 304 of the Territorial Court Rules provides for the regular admissions of members of the Virgin Islands Bar. An applicant for regual admission to the Virgin Islands Bar must comply with the requirements of Territorial Court Rule 304. No one may obtain regular admission to the Virgin Islands Bar unless and until the VIrgin Islands Bar Examinations have been successfully undertaken as described in this rule.
  Each applicant is required to pass the following examinations:
  (1) Multistate Bar Examination (MBE);
  (2) Local law (Essay);
  (3) Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE); and
  (4) Character Examination and Personal Interview.
  The Virgin Islands Bar Examination shall be held semi-annually in February and July. The dates of teh Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) will coincide with the national dates published by the National Conference of Bar Examiners, and the dates of the Essay exam will e the days following the Multi-state Bar Examination (MBE). The MPRE shall be held on the dates established by the National COnference of Bar Examiners, which are different from the MBE and Essay exam dates. Please contact the Bar Admissions Coordinator regarding the dates and times for the next administration of examinations.
  To obtain an Application for Admission to the Virgin Islands Bar, please remit the fee of Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) payable to the COMMITTEE OF BAR EXAMINERS to the following address:
  V.I. Committee of Bar Examiners
  Hon. Geoffrey W. Barnard, Chairman
  Territorial Court of the Virgin Islands
  Post Office Box 70
  St. Thomas, VI 00804
  Attn: Elsie-Mae King, Bar Admissions Coordinator
  Telephone: (340 774-6680, ext. 6423
  Fax: (340) 777-8187
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Special Admission
   Rule 302 of the Territorial Court Certain government and public service attorneys are eligible for special admission to the Virgin Islands Bar.
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Pro Hac Vice Admission
   Rule 301 of the Rules of the Territorial Court provides for Pro Hac Vice admission to the Virgin Islands Bar
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